MANDI helps organizations build community brand creating extraordinary events. We connect people and their passions to sponsors and crowds.  At the start we help develop the case, identify prospective donors and map out a plan for growth.

MANDI will help establish, market and do all the logistics associated with your events connecting people to people. We are hands-on, using modern marketing tools and traditional face-to-face to get the job done with optimum results.  


MANDI International is raising funds to support the development of The Treaty, a documentary from Academy Award winning producer Federic Bohbot and director Richard Fitoussi.

The Treaty will explore how Canadian diplomats set new benchmarks in modern international diplomacy that resulted in the largest gathering of world leaders in history and the fastest negotiated arms treaty in history.

Donationsare being respectfully accepted through the Canadian Landmines Foundation, please visit and click on the donor button and select the fund “Canadian Landmine Legacy Documentary”  or click on the form and submit. You will receive a charitable tax receipt for the amount donated.   

Should you require further information, please contact MANDI International.

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