New wines available now!

MANDI International is pleased to announce that they have brought several new wines and spirits into the market during the last few months. These wonderful products can be found at the Manitoba Liquor Marts, all of Manitoba’s private wines store and in the Saskatoon’s Co-op stores.

Monemvasia’s Premier Ruby Nectar: This red wine boasts a deep ruby colour, with flavour notes of red berry fruit, butter caramel, oak, soft tannins, and a long finish.

Principi di Porcia Prosecco: Subtle straw yellow with a long-lingering bead of pin-point bubbles. Delicate, fruity, with a refined hint of yeasts on the nose. Truly distinctive for its refined aromatics and exquisite balance.

The following wine is available at Calabria Market:

Try these two premium whites from Castello di Buttrio by Alessandra Felluga

Castello di Buttrio FRIULANO – available at GJAndrews and recently added to the Keg’s wine menu!   

Castello di Buttrio SAUVIGNON by Alessandra Felluga, award winning wine and new to Manitoba and available at Calabria Market.


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